All-Inclusive Luxury in France with Uniworld

Posted on 04/02/2024

You can't go wrong with a trip to France, this country delights everyone. From its delectable cuisine—the bread, the cheeses, the wine! —to its grand boulevards and high fashion or even the beautiful simplicity of village life. It's hard to pin down what makes France so special, partly because it's made up of several regions with their own distinct charm. You'll find all of France's greatest cities on the waterfronts. Paris rises out of the Seine, Bordeaux sits on the bustling port of the Gironde Estuary, and Lyon lies on the Rhône. The rivers have been the lifeblood of French culture and the economy for centuries, which also makes them the best way to explore the country in the modern day.

On a Uniworld river cruise, you'll stop in these star cities while also getting to sail by vineyards and small towns for the full picture of French life. When you’re with Uniworld, you'll never tire of being treated like royalty. Aboard the brand's well-appointed floating boutique hotels, you'll be treated to an unparalleled degree of all-inclusive luxury: from fine dining and unlimited pours of premium drinks to exceptional service and exciting local experiences.

We've taken the time to break down Uniworld’s French trips, so you can decide which part of France best suits you.

Paris & Normandy
8 Days | Paris to Paris | S.S. Joie de Vivre
This cruise is for the history buffs—especially this year, as we mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day. See the utterly iconic city of Paris while also enjoying the opportunity to explore the rich history outside the city in such places as Versailles, Rouen, and the Normandy Beaches. Immerse yourself in the beautiful countryside by the Seine as you sample cider and camembert at a local farm or meander your way through Monet's gardens at Giverny.

Burgundy & Provence
8 Days | Arles to Lyon | S.S. Catherine
If we asked you to picture a French village, what would come to mind? We'd be willing to bet that it's something along the lines of golden stone architecture, a glass of rosé in the sunshine, the rich scent of boeuf bourguignon wafting from hole-in-the-wall cafés. That’s Burgundy and Provence, the place to pick if you want a real taste of rural French life.

Brilliant Bordeaux
8 Days | Bordeaux to Bordeaux | S.S. Bon Voyage
Bordeaux is all about indulgence and taking the time to enjoy the finer things in life. Take this trip if you're looking for the perfect French wine cruise. Ideal for enthusiasts or anyone looking to learn a little more about the wines produced in one of the world's premier viticultural regions, this cruise includes tastings at top Bordeaux region estates.

Why not pair two or more of these cruises together for a longer trip that showcases a wider scope of French culture? If you want to focus on art, café culture, and shopping, you might enjoy the 15-day Grand France trip from Paris to Arles. Alternatively, the 15-day A Portrait of Majestic France trip from Bordeaux to Paris highlights the luxe, cosmopolitan side of the country. For the fullest experience, we suggest booking the 22-day Ultimate France combination of all three cruises.

Before or after any of Uniworld’s 8-day day French river cruises, you can stay a little while in the beautiful city of Paris at a 5-star, centrally located hotel with included tours led by a local host. On the Paris & Normandy and Burgundy & Provence itineraries, you can also opt to move on to Greece for an exciting guided stay in Athens or Athens & Santorini.