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Jon is a long-term travel industry veteran with a wealth of experience in operations, marketing and client relations. His career in travel began back in 1997 when he was hired as the Director of Marketing for the Great American Automobile & Travel Club for Kansas and Missouri.

Jon is the face of Brennco as he travels the country speaking at National, State and Local events and meetings. Since 2008, Jon has spoken at over 500 events. When he is not traveling the country, Jon is the primary contact at Brennco for two very important programs that benefit our travel members. Both of which rely heavily on the relationship Jon has formed with cruise and tour company executives after three decades in the business. As you are hopefully aware, Brennco offers an array of special pricing and amenity programs for travel members and their guests. All of these exclusive offer programs like free onboard credit, additional dollars off or value-added amenities, have been negotiated by Jon through his various contacts. He also works with travelers should they have any problem or issue before, during or after their cruise or tour, leveraging his relationships to get members a quick and satisfactory resolution. This includes any problems with trip insurance questions and claims as Jon is currently licensed to sell insurance in all 50 states.

During his career Jon has been asked to serve on numerous travel industry advisory boards. His work on the Disney Travel Agent Counsel earned him the prestigious Disney Award of Excellence for his assistance in developing Disney Cruise Line.